Head Start funds come directly from the federal government.  However, the government only provides 80% of the funds necessary to operate our program. The remaining 20% must be generated from in-kind.  In-Kind is the donation of time, space or materials used in the program that would otherwise be purchased.

Volunteer participation is a vital part of our day-to-day success of the program.  There are many ways you can share your time and talents with us. Children benefit from the presence of parents and other volunteers who participate in the classroom and with other activities.  We count on our parents, family members, and community members to record the various ways in which they have volunteered for the program. In-kind sheets are available in the classrooms or at the front desk.

Examples of in-kind:

  • Volunteer in the classroom, on field trips, or in the office/building
  • Completing home assignments with your child
  • Preparing materials for the classroom (cutting, stapling, folding, etc.)
  • Recruitment
  • Join Policy Council
  • Join Parent Committee
  • Set up for events